Tuesday, September 25, 2018

No matter what games are being played, people are loved.

Today, it seems with cable news, that everybody is a victim of something. On the path of the ego, victimization is the way of the game. Being a victim and accusing others of being persecutors is a  media tactic based on the games of "Let's feel sorry," and "Get the bad guy." These are very popular games that keep people emotionally aroused which recruits and retains viewers, and media companies convert these views into advertising dollars. The meta game is "Let's sell stuff."

It is written in A Course In Miracles, "If you react as if you are persecuted, you are teaching persecution. This is not a lesson a Son of God should want to teach if he is to realize his own salvation. Rather, teach your own perfect immunity, which is the truth in you, and realize that it cannot be assailed." T-6.I.6:2-4

The spiritually wise person turns the media off or uses it very carefully. The spiritually wise person turns within and becomes aware that (s)he is loved by existence. We are only victims and persecutors on the path of the ego. On the path of the spirit we are loved unconditionally. Universalists have know this and taught it for millennia but their message has been drowned out by egotists.

In our contemporary times, the spiritually wise person rises above the games being played on the path of the ego. They, first of all, love themselves and protect themselves from the toxic games our society plays, and secondly extends themselves in a loving way to their brothers and sisters reassuring them that no matter what games they mistakenly play they are loved.

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Ask Alexa - What's the biggest problem with religion in the United States?

Alexa: What's one of the biggest problems with religion in the United States?

According to David Brooks, it's that people lack the spiritual vocabulary to think things through.

UUAWOL ministries index - Average age of death of U.S. supreme court justices

  • Average age of death of supreme court justices in U.S. before 1800 = 67
  • Average age of death of supreme court justices in U.S. confirmed between 1960 and 1974 = 82

U.S. Supreme Court justices serve for life or voluntary retirement.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Surrendering to Love

People who are awakened go on living in the world. While they live primarily on the path of the spirit, things on the path of ego still challenge them. It is kind of like an addict with cravings. Even though the addict has given up the substance(s) of choice, still there are times when cravings arise and triggers appear.

The idea that being awakened, enlightened, is continual bliss is inaccurate. At times the bliss is threatened and the awakened person must remind him/herself of the chosen path they are on. Being in an awakened state is a continual choice and while it becomes more "natural" and "normal" it is at times threatened.

Awakened and enlightened people continue their spiritual practices because they give them joy and fulfillment. When their equanimity is threatened, awakened people maintain their equilibrium, their balance, with mindfulness and meditation.

Jesus and Buddha were often challenged by the egoistic forces that surrounded them. They were often put to the test. The tests are not significant, but the ways of managing the tests are. Remembering who we are, and what we are, returns us to stability.

The tests to the genuineness of awakening are ongoing and are met with grace and blessings from the Divine source which is the ground of being. What this takes is awareness and intention to surrender to Love.

UUAWOL ministries index - whose got tattoos?

  • Percentage of Millenials with at least one tattoo = 47%
  • Percentage of Baby Boomers with at least one tattoo = 13%
  • Revenue generated by the tattoo industry last year (2017) in U.S. = 1.6 billion
  • Rate of growth in tattoo industry expected in 2018 = 7.7%
  • Number of people with a tattoo of the UU flaming chalice = ?